Man of Steel: More Experts Now Predicting Record-Breaking Opening Weekend

Man-of-Steel-one-sheetDeadline have jumped on the bandwagon with Box Office Mojo and are now predicting an opening weekend box office total of between $120 million and $135 million for Man of Steel.

Unnamed sources at Warner Bros. are suggesting that the day could bring in more than $40 million--maybe closer to $50 million--nudging the $85 million to $100 million projections up and over the $110 million that's currently the opening-weekend record for a June release.

"It’s way behind Iron Man 3 but way ahead of Superman Returns," a non-Warner Bros. source told Deadline by way of putting the film's performance in perspective.

Sources close to the production, and especially screenwriter David S. Goyer, have been saying for the last few weeks that a strong opening will be key to getting sequels made and kicking off a DC Cinematic Universe.