Sheldon Kisses Amy On The Big Bang Theory

Sheldon Kisses Amy on The Big Bang Theory

It finally happened. Sheldon kissed Amy on “The Locomotive Manipulation” episode of The Big Bang Theory. During the episode, Amy got upset with Sheldon, because he was spending the whole time with his new friend, while ignoring her.

“It’s Valentine’s Day. We’re supposed to be having a romantic weekend,” said Amy.

Sheldon replied, “Oh really, because I remember you saying this trip was going to be something that we could both enjoy. Did you mean that? Or were you just trying to trick me?”

“Fine, it’s true. I deserve romance, and I didn’t know how else to make it happen,” said Amy.

Sheldon continued, “Well if you want romance, let’s have romance. Oh, look there’s wine. Mmm… grape juice that burns. Now, let’s gaze into each other’s eyes. You blinked. I win. Let’s see, what’s next? Oh, kissing’s romantic.”

Then, Sheldon planted a kiss on Amy’s lips. Initially, he did it at a distance, before stepping into the kiss.

After the kiss, Amy said, “That was nice.”

Check out a YouTube video of the kiss below.