The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 10 Sneak Preview: Inmates

Walking Dead Zombie Bowl Preview

After The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 9 “After,” AMC released a special sneak preview video online for next week’s Episode 410, which is titled “Inmates.”

According to the official AMC Description for the “Inmates” episode, in the quest for stability and safety, the group faces many obstacles. In the sneak preview video, Daryl Dixon and Beth Greene are sitting around a campfire. Beth says, "We should do something. We aren't the only survivors. We can't be. Rick and Michonne, they could be out here. Maggie and Glenn could have made it out of "A" block. They could have. You're a tracker. You can track. Come on, the sun will be up soon...if we head out now...fine, you won't track, I will."

The “Inmates” episode of The Walking Dead is directed by Tricia Brock. “Inmates” airs on Sunday, February 16, 2014 at 9 PM ET on AMC.