The Walking Dead: Are These Beth Greene Death Photos?

by Joe Comicbook

Emily Kinney The Following

For most of today, photos similar to the one above and the ones below have been circulating online, teasing the death of Emily Kinney’s character Beth Greene in the upcoming The Walking Dead Season 4 Finale. Beth hasn’t been seen on The Walking Dead, since she was taken by someone driving an old car with a cross in the back window in the “Alone” episode.

So are these photos proof that Beth Greene dies on The Walking Dead Season 4 Finale?

No. Just like celebrity death hoaxes often circulate on social media, Walking Dead death hoaxes are also very popular. For quite some time, a popular ongoing joke on social media has revolved around a photo showing what appears to be Daryl Dixon strung up with his guts being ripped out by zombies. However, the actual photo is of Norman Reedus appearing as another character in a science fiction film called Pandorum.

The same thing is now happening with Beth Greene. Emily Kinney appeared as a character named Mallory on last night’s episode of The Following on FOX. Her character just happened to get her throat slit during her brief appearance on the show.

So the photos are not of Beth Greene getting killed, but they are photos of another character being played by Emily Kinney getting killed. Of course, if Beth Greene does wind up getting killed off on The Walking Dead Season 4 Finale, Emily Kinney will have the honor of dying twice on television this week.


Emily Kinney The Following

Emily Kinney The Following