Fake Walking Dead Spoiler Upsets Mom

Norman Reedus Death SceneWe would include a spoiler warning, but this is not a real spoiler. In addition to appearing on The Walking Dead, Norman Reedus has appeared in a number of movies. One of Reedus’ past movies was a science fiction film called Pandorum.

In Pandorum, Norman Reedus plays a character called Shepard, who is strung up by the neck and has his guts ripped out by some creatures who look a lot like zombies. Norman Reedus also looks very much like his Walking Dead character Daryl Dixon in the scene. He’s got the same facial hair going, a dirty face, and is even dressed in a Daryl like outfit.

Over the past several months, it’s been somewhat of an internet meme to take the Norman Reedus death scene picture from Pandorum and to circulate it on the Internet like it’s a spoiler for an upcoming episode of The Walking Dead.

In the Youtube clip below, a guy actually shows the photo to his mom and tells her it’s a spoiler for the next episode of The Walking Dead. The mom appears to be in a state of shock, as she gasps and puts her hand over her mouth. We figured we would run the story behind the photo as a public service, so no more moms get fooled.