Marvel Comics To Announce New Title On The Colbert Report

Marvel’s Joe Quesada will be making an appearance on tonight’s episode of The Colbert Report to announce a new title and an “all-new era” for one of Marvel’s heroes.

This will be the second televised announcement made by Marvel recently. The first was the announcement of a female Thor, made on The View. Considering how big that announcement ended up being, the bar is set pretty high for tonight’s Colbert Report reveal.

Stephen Colbert is a known friend of Marvel Comics, having had Quesada on as a guest before. Colbert even has Captain America’s shield in his studio, which was presented to him following Steve Rogers’ death at the end of Civil War. In 2008, Colbert even ran for president in the Marvel Universe.

The Colbert Report airs tonight at 11:30 p.m. ET on Comedy Central.