Pokemon Go's Solstice Event Gives Massive Bonuses for Just Catching Pokemon

When Pokemon Go first announced its Solstice Event late last week, they mentioned that players would earn extra XP for certain catch bonuses. For instance, players will get 30 XP for catching a Pokemon with a curveball throw instead of the usual 10 XP. Players also get extra XP for nice, great, and excellent Poke Ball throws, as well as catching Pokemon on their first throw.

While it was assumed that all the "extra" bonuses would be boosted during the event, Pokemon Go didn't mention that the default XP for catching a Pokemon would also get a big boost. For the next week, players will get a whopping 300 XP for a successful catch instead of the usual 100 XP.

That's not the only larger than anticipated bonus being given out during the Solstice Event. Players will get a 5x bonus for every egg they hatch during the event, as opposed to the 3x boost for catching Pokemon.

Not every catch bonus is affected by the event. Players won't get extra XP for their first catch of the day bonus, nor will they get more XP for catching a new Pokemon species.

Of course, the extra bonuses aren't the only perk of the Solstice Event. Tons of Fire and Ice-Type Pokemon are also spawning in place of common Pokemon during the event.

Pokemon Go's Solstice Event runs until June 20th.