Lugia Might Be Disappearing from Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go announced earlier this week that Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres would only appear in the game for a limited amount of time. Each of the three Legendary Pokemon will spawn as Raid Bosses for a week, with Articuno disappearing from the game on Monday, July 31.

However, Pokemon Go's announcement about the Legendary Birds didn't mention anything about Lugia, the other Legendary Pokemon added to the game last week. Many players have wondered whether Lugia will also eventually leave the game or if it had become a permanent Raid Boss.

While Pokemon Go hasn't given a firm answer either way, we have our first indication that Lugia might not stick around the game forever. A tweet from Pokemon Go's Taiwanese account states that although Lugia isn't going away right now, it would only stay "for a while more." The same tweet also warns players "not to miss" Lugia...which is a further indication that Lugia won't always be around in the game.

Of course, a single tweet from a foreign Pokemon Go account shouldn't be considered definitive proof that Lugia will eventually leave the game. But, there's enough ambiguity in Pokemon Go's other comments about the Legendary Bird that players shouldn't be surprises if it eventually is cycled out for a Pokemon like Ho-Oh or Mewtwo.

We've reached out for comment from Niantic but have not heard back at the time of publication. Until we get some clarification either way, players should try to grab a Lugia as quickly as possible.

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