Divinity: Original Sin II Features Trailer Has Us Ready to Kiss the Real World Goodbye

Divinity: Original Sin II is the sequel to one of the most celebrated Western RPGs ever developed, and it's finally out tomorrow, September 14. To prepare new and returning adventurers, Larian has released a fantastic new features trailer showcasing exactly what makes Divinity such a delight. Watch above, and prepare to lose yourself in what promises to be one of the richest stories we've played through this generation.

How many story-rich RPGs can you play with a buddy at your side for some couch co-op? When is the last time you saw a fantasy world embrace the darker side of elven lore, with elves who devour the faces of the fallen? Can you name a recent adventure game or RPG that took turn-based combat and truly twisted it to make it more engaging and imminently enjoyable? Divinity: Original Sin II is already doing so many things right, and months of early access have given Larian plenty of time to tune, tweak, and perfect its many systems.

In the trailer you may notice some interesting features for Discord integration. Larian shed a little bit of light on Discord integration in its latest email: "Brand new to the game, and an industry-first, Divinity: Original Sin 2 will feature a Discord integration. A player’s Discord profile will display detailed game status, progress, and game modes as they play. If co-op spots are available, players can post invites to play together in a Discord chat. Click “Join” on the invite in Discord to seamlessly launch the game and start playing together!"

For those of you wondering, Divinity: Original Sin II is the perfect place to start, and newcomers don't need to worry about having missed crucial plot foundations in the original game. Your character, whether you elect go give him a pre-packaged backstory or not, will have a fresh start in this dangerous world. Newcomers especially are in for a crash-course in feature service and developer care. Larian has built its reputation on its fantastic systems, world-class storytelling, and consideration of player feedback.

Discover why Divinity: Original Sin II is on the wishlist of ever serious RPG fan on Steam when it launches tomorrow! You can find the Steam listing here.