Skyrim Nintendo Switch Listing Live on Amazon

skyrim 2

Heads up! With just an hour to go until this afternoon's Nintendo Direct, a listing for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim has appeared on Amazon. You can find the listing right here, and for Amazon Prime members you can currently pre-order the game for 20% off. Whether we get a release date today or not, it's worth placing your pre-order now to lock in your 20% discount price. Once you order, even if the price goes up, Amazon will honor your order at this current price. Better safe than sorry!

Of course the first thing we looked at as soon as we loaded up the listing was the release date. There's nothing certain we can glean from this listing, since the release date listed is almost certainly a placeholder date. Right now it's showing up to launch on December 29, which is the last Friday of the month. Typically games will ship on a Tuesday, which is why we think that this is subject to change.

Still, with an official listing live on Amazon that we can actually order, we think it's safe to assume that a release date announcement is imminent. We'll be hosting the Nintendo Direct right here on WWG live, so make sure you check back on our front page a few minutes before 5 o'clock central to watch the whole thing as it unfolds.

In addition to an official release date for Skyrim on the Switch, we're expecting a few other big announcements as well. Nintendo hinted that news about Super Mario Odyssey is on the way, and we know that the Direct will focus on the Switch and 3DS generally. At almost an hour long, you better believe there will be some big surprises in store! Watch the presentation with us, then stick around for our full wrap-up right afterward!