Kevin Feige Reveals How New Spider-Man Will Be Different

Fan prayers were answered earlier this year, when Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures announced a deal to cooperate on future Spider-Man movies and allow the character to appear alongside others in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Now that Marvel is involved, they have the challenge of differentiating their new Spider-Man movies from the five films in two separate series that came before. The LA Times asked Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige what would make Marvel’s Spider-Man different. His answer was twofold.

Feige first pointed to the age difference, with the newly cast Tom Holland playing a Peter Parker that’s up to eight years younger that his predecessors.

“You look at the early comic books of Spider-Man and what was so great about what Stan Lee and Steve Ditko did was they said what if one of the most powerful heroes we have is a high school kid who also has to do homework and isn't a billionaire, or isn't a genius scientist, or isn't a trained assassin, or isn't another scientist who had an accident but is a kid?” Feige explained.

The second part is being able to see Spider-Man interact with the larger Marvel Universe, something none of the previous films were capable of doing.

“The one thing that hasn't been able to be explored in the other five movies is his relationship to the broader Marvel Universe and that's something that was exciting to us. To go back to those Stan Lee, Steve Ditko origin tales of having him be younger and that dichotomy with dealing with the rest, and also in Brian Michael Bendis' Ultimate Spider-Man.

“That the younger he was, the more truer he was to the original Spider-Man comic book stories and also the more unique and different he would be in comparison to the other Marvel heroes.”

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