The Strain Season 2 Episode 6 Recap With Spoilers: Identity


“Identity” opens with the mysterious vampire from the ending of the previous episode, arriving in New York after escaping the airport. Later, he meets with the Ancients, and we learn that he is part of an elite group that trained Vaun and the others, who were killed when trying to take out Eldritch. This new vampire wants to recruit human soldiers to help stop the Master.

In Washington, D.C., Ephraim (Corey Stoll) meets up with an old friend Rob, who has significant political connections. Rob is completely on board with Eph’s plan to disperse the “bio-weapon” that Eph and Nora created, setting up Eph with one of his contacts at a big pharmaceutical company, a woman named Leigh. Of course, Eph is introduced to her under his fake name. Leigh quickly agrees to Eph’s plan too.

Gus (Miguel Gomez) continues to pester Angel at his restaurant, and Angel finally admits his true identity – the actor from the Silver Angel films, whose films ended when he was permanently injured. Gus also keeps his eye on the young woman who works there, though Angel is very protective. Gus offers to help her make a delivery, and Angel insists that he join. In an apartment building hallway, Gus quickly proves his worth by fighting off two vampires.

Back at headquarters, Fitzwilliam (Roger R. Cross) has joined Abraham’s team. He shows the others the locations of many industrial buildings that Eldritch has purchased, and he confirms Eldritch’s plan to become a vampire and the right-hand-man of the Master.


That night, Eph, Rob, and Leigh meet for dinner, though Rob abandons the two and their night quickly becomes a date. He wakes up in her bed the next morning and signs an exclusivity agreement with Kamerall. Eph and Rob meet with someone from the National Guard that afternoon, who also agrees to help them.

Elsewhere, Eldritch (Jonathan Hyde) meets with Eichorst (Richard Sammel) at one of the industrial properties. Eldritch believes that the Master is ignoring him and is worried that he won’t hold up his end of the bargain. Eichorst responds coolly, turning Eldritch’s threats back at him. The two discuss a major upcoming “stage” of their operation.

Meanwhile, Nora (Mia Maestro) and Zach (Max Charles) head to the police station, where they talk to councilwoman Feraldo and pick up some clothes, before they’re given an escort drive home. The trip is interrupted by Kelly and the Feelers, who physically stop the car. Nora and Zach are able to run into a nearby church just in time and are able to call Fet, but the vampires quickly break in. Nora and Zach trick them by hiding a piece of Zach’s in a back room, to throw them off the scent. The vampires quickly catch up to them anyway, but the duo is saved just in time by Abraham, Fet (Kevin Durand), and Fitzwilliam. In the ensuing fight, a couple of the Feelers are killed, Kelly escapes, and Fitzwilliam is bit. Abraham (David Bradley) beheads him at his own request.

That night, Leigh’s boss confirms that their deal went through, so she and Eph search for Rob to celebrate. They find him dead on the floor of his own bedroom, with an armed man in the shadows. The man shoots Leigh multiple times in the chest and shoots Eph once in the shoulder, before Eph is shoots him directly in the head. Eph picks up the gunman’s phone – a Stoneheart company phone.

The episode ends with Eichorst leading Gabriel (Jack Kesy) to the Master’s coffin to witness “the great transformation.” The Master slowly emerges rom the dirt, and Eichorst prepares himself to “receive (the Master’s) infinite power.” However, the Master chooses Gabriel instead, performing the ritual with Gabriel’s body. Eichorst rushes to the aid of the Master’s old form, but he has been transferred into Gabriel now. The Master commands that Eichorst kneel to him, to prove his allegiance “in every form,” agreeing to stand by him forever. Eichorst obliges.