The Walking Dead Planning Zombies On A Plane Standalone Special

Has anyone else really, really been hoping Samuel L. Jackson stars in a "Zombies on a Plane" standalone special in The Walking Dead universe? Your wish is granted! Well, half of it.

AMC revealed to EW that they are planning a 30-minute standalone set on a plane during the early days of the zombie outbreak. The TV equivalent to a One Shot will follow a group of survivors as they battle the zombie pandemic on a plane and at least one of these characters will later appear on the new Walking Dead companion series, Fear The Walking Dead in season two.

AMC has previously had a standalone web series based on The Walking Dead but never used it to introduce a character. This solo episode will air online in chapters, but if you're a Walking Dead viewer, you'll watch, and when it cuts to commercial, you'll get a chapter in the zombies on a plane saga. One would assume the flight is heading to LAX, considering that's where Fear is set, but no confirmation has been made. And there's definitely no reason to believe Samuel L. Jackson is involved (yet!).

It doesn't sound like AMC plans to air the standalone special in its entirety, but you'll be able to watch it online when the chapters are finished airing. There are a lot of questions surrounding this reveal. What will it be called? Who is going to star in it? When exactly is this episode going to start coming out? How many chapters will it be broken up to? Is Jack Shephard on the plane?

We'll keep you updated as we hear more. Hopefully, the plane doesn't follow World War Z's flight path.

Fear The Walking Dead airs Sunday's at 9 PM ET, and The Walking Dead returns October 11 at 9 PM ET, both on AMC.