Grizzly Adams Dan Haggerty Has Died At 74


Dan Haggerty, star of The Life And Times Of Grizzly Adams, has died at the age of 74 today.

Best known for his work as the iconic Grizzly Adams, a guy on the run who befriended a Grizzly Bear in a forest,Dan also had a career making guest spots on major tv shows like CHiPs and Charlies Angels. The Life and Times Of Grizzly Adams ran for two seasons with actor Denver Pyle and Bozo The Bear. Haggerty’s rugged look and demeanor as Grizzly Adams has gone on to inspire many wilderness shows, and other aspects of pop culture. Following his career as Grizzly, Haggerty went on to star in a number of kid films, including Motorcross Kids along side a young Josh Hutcherson and voiced the King in a 1999 version of Puss In Boots.

Haggerty had been battling cancer for a few months, discovered during a back operation, and returned home in the San Fernando Valley after receiving care from his doctors days prior.

His daughter, Megan, currently has a GiveForward site running in an effort to help offset the cost of his treatments. It is currently at $10,500 and hopes to reach $100,000.

(via TMZ)