Every Bazinga Ever On The Big Bang Theory In A 200 Minute Loop


Typically when you throw a celebration, there are things like cake, or balloons, or a pinata (preferably Olaf or Spider-Man shaped. Don't judge me). For Sheldon Cooper, that just wouldn't be enough.

In celebration of The Big Bang Theory's 200th episode, CBS has released a mashup of every single utterance of Sheldon's favorite diss, Bazinga! That might thrill you or upset you, depending on how much you like Sheldon Cooper, but just in case one run through of every Bazinga wasn't enough, they have edited it into a 200-minute loop.

No need to have that constant fireplace crackling Youtube video on in the background anymore at gatherings. Now you and everyone else in your house can be inundated with the wonderous sounds of...Bazinga!