Modern Family's Sofia Vergara Stuns In Wonder Woman Costume

Is Sofia Vergara vying to take on a famous DC Comics heroine? Well, according to a new Instagram update, it seems like she might be. The actress recently uploaded several stunning pictures of herself dressed in Wonder Woman’s iconic red-and-blue ensemble.

Teasing a “secret proyect,” the actress makes it clear that her costume is for an upcoming Modern Family episode. Vergara, who plays the adorable Gloria Delgado- Pritchett on the ABC sitcom, will likely be dressing up as Wonder Woman for the show’s annual Halloween special.

Secret proyect!! ????? #modernfamily

A photo posted by Sofia Vergara (@sofiavergara) on

Unsurprisingly, the Colombian-American actress does justice to the iconic superhero get-up. Fans can see that Vergara opted for Wonder Woman’s classic outfit similar to the one that Lynda Carter made famous in the 1970s. Vergara’s suit features a short star-spangled skirt and tight red bodice adorned with gold trimming. She is also seen sporting Wonder Woman’s wrist braces and stylish tiara. Flexing, Vergara looks ready to roll out her Lasso of Truth and take down some big-time baddies.

Vergara has given little explanation for these buzzworthy photos. However, fans are fairly certain the actress is donning the costume for a special Modern Family episode. Those rumors were fanned yesterday when Vergara uploaded a photo of Rico Rodriguez, her on-screen son, who was wearing a fake mustache. She also posted a photo earlier in the week that shows someone who appears to be her on-screen husband dressed as Jesus.

Of course, Vergara isn’t the only celebrity who has channeled Wonder Woman as of late. With the heroine celebrating her 75th anniversary, Wonder Woman has made a cultural comeback as of late. Recently, Nikki Bella from WWE posted a photo of her wonderful ring attire. The two-piece suit was undoubtedly inspired by the DC Comics iconic as the bottoms were dotted with white stars while the top was printed with the words, “Stay Fearless.”

Next year, fans will finally be able to see Gal Gadot take on the heroine in her own standalone feature. Directed by Patty Jenkins, Wonder Woman will explore the events which occur once Wonder Woman leaves her homeland to explore the modern world. Fans first saw Gal take on the heroine in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice where she stole the show for both fans and critics.

Wonder Woman will hit theaters on June 2 2017.

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