'The Flash' Showed How The Live-Action 'One Piece' Series Can Do Luffy Right

Hollywood may not have the best reputation with live-action anime, but the industry does not want stay that way forever. Earlier this year, new broke that classic franchises like Cowboy Bebop and One Piece will get Hollywood’s adaptations soon enough, and there is no reason for Tomorrow Studios to flub up Monkey D. Luffy now.

After all, The Flash proved with its most recent episode that a budgeted TV show can replicate the pirate’s powers.

When it comes to live-action anime, fans are concerned about everything from casting to visual effects. One Piece fans are particularly nervous to see the series adapted because Eiichiro Oda’s story is rather fantastical. Its protagonist is a teenage pirate whose body is made of rubber, and Luffy uses his special powers to fight and fight hard. Many questioned if Tomorrow Studios could do such effects for a TV show, but The Flash helped answer those fans last night.

[The Flash S4 Spoiler] Luffy is in the new episode of The Flash. from OnePiece

The Flash is in its fourth season, and its latest episode introduced Elongated Man to the mix. The man may not have eaten a Devil Fruit, but the DC Comics character can extend his rubbery body like Luffy. The Flash didn’t go all out with Elongated Man’s powers, but as you can see above, the visual effect can be done and looks alright.

Of course, One Piece may not have the same kind of budgeting that The Flash enjoys. While The CW won’t give out exact numbers, it has been estimated the show has an average budget between 1.5 - 2.5 million. In the past, the producer of One Piece’s adaptation assured fans Tomorrow Studios would not spare any expense when it came to the epic series.

“I’ve been a fan of One Piece for the past twenty years. To be entrusted with such an important work by Shueisha and Mr. Oda is an honor,” Marty Adelstein wrote in a statement.

“It’s with great enthusiasm that I will give my all to make One Piece a success. I think that this project could set a new record for the most expensive drama series in TV history.”

If Adelstein isn’t joking about the record, then Tomorrow Studios is looking to invest big in One Piece. Dramas like Game of Thrones cost about $10 million per episode, and the producer did say One Piece might break records when it comes to cost. If Tomorrow Studios wants to do One Pieceright, it is going to have to spend some big money on the front-end get a payout from the back. So, here’s to hoping the series can channel The Flash and help Luffy have the fights he deserves when the show makes its debut.

One PieceSunday at on Funimation

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