Utada Hikaru Reveals Release Date Of Full 'Kingdom Hearts 3' Theme

Are you ready to get a taste of Utada Hikaru’s comeback? The J-pop star has been working hard on her latest project, and it seems her 7th studio album titled Hatsukoi will go live next month. And, yes — it will feature the full track she made for Kingdom Hearts 3.

So, all you gamers better be ready to update your playlists.

Not long ago, the official track list for Hikaru’s new album went live, and the update confirmed the Kingdom Hearts theme will be added to the album. The song, which is title “Chikai”, will be included with 11 other songs (via KH Insider).

You can check out the singer’s full track list for Hatsukoi below:

  • 01. Play a Love Song
    02. あなた (Anata)
    03. 初恋 (Hatsukoi)
    04. 誓い (Chikai)
    05. Forevermore
    06. Too Proud (featuring Jevon)
    07. Good Night
    08. パクチーの唄 (Pakuchii no Uta)
    09. 残り香 (Nokoriga)
    10. 大空で抱きしめて (Oozora de Dakishimete)
    11. 夕凪 (Yuunagi)
    12. 嫉妬されるべき人生 (Shittosarerubeki Jinsei)

Of course, this is not the first time fans of Kingdom Hearts will get a peek at the singer’s new theme. The track was originally shared in February as Square Enix dropped a teaser for the single. “Chikai” — which means oath or vow in English — shared just over a minute of music through the reel. Hikaru’s English version of the song was also teased as fans learned it would be called “Don’t Think Twice” internationally.


When Hikaru’s new album drops, fans will be able to hear the full Japanese theme for themselves, and netizens are eager to translate its lyrics. The hype surrounding the debut of Kingdom Hearts 3 continues to grow as fans await news of its release date. With Hikaru having done the games’ last two theme songs, anticipation for “Chikai” is at an all-time high. So, fans will want to be sure they check out the J-pop legend’s new album when it drops on June 27.

So far, there is no word on when the full English version of the Kingdom Hearts 3 single will drop, but fans expect it will go live when the game itself is released. Square Enix has refrained from sharing an exact release date for the long-awaited game, but reports have long predicted the game to go public in 2018. For now, fans will have to wait and see what Square Enix has planned for the game and whether it'll receive any big announcements at E3 this summer.

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