'My Hero Academia', 'One Piece' Put on Pause for Weekly Shonen Jump Break

When it comes to manga, Japan has its pulse on all things publication. The industry has dozens of magazine anthologies out there collecting brand-new releases from your favorite series, but those staffers need to take a break every once in awhile.

So, yes — it is true. Weekly Shonen Jump is about to take a quick break, and that means titles like One Piece and My Hero Academia will be paused as such.

For those unaware, Shueisha will be blacking out the next week for any of its Shonen Jump publications. This means Weekly Shonen Jump will be on a break the week of January 14, leaving fans more desperate than ever for their manga fix.

If you are feeling worried about Weekly Shonen Jump, there is no need to be too concerned. The magazine will return to print before you know it. Following the magazine’s January 7 issue, Weekly Shonen Jump will hit shelves next on January 21.

The new year may have put some bumps in the way of your favorite shonen, but Shueisha will persevere. After all, the latest chapters of My Hero Academia and One Piece had plenty to chew over.

For instance, chapter 212 of My Hero Academia ended with a truly surprising One For All revelation. After Izuku’s Quirk went rogue, he was forced to shut down by Shinso’s Brainwashing and awoke in his psyche. It was there the green-haired boy met a former user of One For All, and the groovy man had readers thinking back to Hellboy.

As for One Piece, its brand-new chapter delved into Monkey D. Luffy’s time in a Wano prison while the country’s leader flirted with a beautiful courtesan. The chapter ends with Orochi and Wano’s nobility celebrating, but things in the country’s underbelly are ready to take a rebellious turn. In fact, One Piece's current 'Wano' arc is setting up what might become the series' most impressive war yet, but there is more creator Eiichiro Oda plans to do with the story before moving onto his next. Recently, the artist confirmed the arc would revisit the events of the Reverie, an event that gathers all of the Grand Line's most powerful nobles to talk territory and power.

"Speaking of manga, it's awesome!! Core of a big story will be gradually focused with the life of Oden Kouzuki in Wano country! An unexpected incident will happen in Reverie," Oda teased last December at Jump Festa.


With so many titles under its catalog, a week's gap can feel like a lifetime for Weekly Shonen Jump readers. Still, the break will give both the publisher and its creators time to recharge, so here's to hoping your favorite shonen comes back in late-January with a juicy update to make up for its absence.

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