Attack On Titan Episode Earns A Perfect 10 On IMDB

With Attack On Titan edging toward the conclusion of the popular story, fans are rallying behind a certain episode from the third season of the anime, giving an installment a "Perfect 10" on IMDB. The "Internet Movie Database" has long been a portal for fans of television and movies to learn more information about some of their most beloved properties, as well as rank episodes and films through a user voting system. Recently, one episode titled "Hero" has been able to score a "perfect 10" on the rating system for IMDB, alongside the likes of Breaking Bad and Mr. Robot!

"Hero" was released on May 27th of last year, easily becoming one of the fan favorite episodes from the third season. To say that a lot happened during this installment is an understatement as the Survey Corps were faced with an insane challenge in taking down the Beast Titan, Colossal Titan, and Armored Titan respectively. Needless to say, the episode is easily one of the most nail biting, tense episode of the anime that was released to that point.

Reddit User CEZMark shared the great news via Attack On Titan's episode being ranked among the highest television series ever on IMDB:

We did it again. from r/ShingekiNoKyojin

With nearly all of the Survey Corps eradicated thanks in part to a series of boulders being hurled directly at them, it's up to one of the most dangerous members of humanity to bring down Zeke the Beast Titan. With the remnants of the corps sacrificing their lives in order to give Captain Levi his one opportunity, the high flying Titan killer is able to rip Zeke from his Titan form in one of the biggest action displays of the series. Unfortunately for Levi, he isn't able to deliver the killing blow to the Beast Titan but does manage to give humanity a tiny glimmer of hope by incapacitating him.

Meanwhile, a last ditch effort to bring down the Armored Titan by Hange and a handful of remnants goes underway, while Armin sacrifices himself in a bid to take down Bertholdt, the current wielder of the Colossal Titan's powers. As fans of the third season know, Armin does not die here and is chosen to take on the power of the larger than life Titan, but this episode made it seem as though Erwin's best friend was knocking on heaven's door.


"Hero" is easily one of the best episodes of Attack On Titan, blending insane action with heavy emotional beats that take their tolls on both the audience and the characters in the franchise. It is extremely deserving of its "perfect 10" rating on IMDB without question!

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