'A Silent Voice' English Dub To Screen Theatrically In U.S.

Yoshitoka Oima's A Silent Voice is a popular manga with fans for its depiction of darker themes, [...]

Yoshitoka Oima's A Silent Voice is a popular manga with fans for its depiction of darker themes, bullying, and the realities of living with a disability, so when its film adaptation opened in Japan last year it went on to experience great success.

With its great success in Japan, it will surely gain that same amount of fervor now that it is going to get a limited theatrical run in the United States.

Eleven Arts Anime Studio, who are handling the English dub of the film, has announced that it will be screened at a number of theaters in the United States. You can find the full list of theaters here at their website.

The English dub of A Silent Voice is going to be notable due to their casting of deaf actress Lexi Cowden to play one of the main characters Shoko Nishimiya, whose disability sets the series in motion when Shoya Ishida decides to bully her as a child.

The English dub cast includes Robbie Daymond as Shoya Ishida, Ryan Shanahan as the older Shoya, Kira Buckland as Naoka Ueno, Gia Grace as the older Naoka, Amber Lee Conners as Miki Kawai, Annabelle Corigliano as the older Miki, Melissa Hope as Miyoko Sahara, Catie Harvery as the older Miyoko, Michael Sinterniklaas as Kazuki Shimada, Spencer Rosen as the older Kazuki, Kristen Sullivan as Yuzuru Nishimiya, Lipica Shah as Yaeko Nishimiya, Janis Carol as Ito Nishimiya, Sara Cravens as Miyoko Ishida, and Graham Halstead as Nagatsuka.

U.K. distributor Anime Limited released the English dub of A Silent Voice on Blu-ray and DVD last October, but now fans can see it in theaters!

For those unfamiliar with A Silent Voice, the film is a feature length anime based on Yoshitoko Oima's manga of the same name. Produced by Kyoto Animation, directed by Naoko Yamada, and written by Reiko Yoshida, the film follows a boy named Shoya who bullies his deaf classmate, Shoko, in elementary school. After the bullying goes south, he's ostracized by his classmates and grows up isolated and angry at the rest of the world. Years later, he runs into Shoko and the two slowly try to recover from their dark past and build toward a brighter future.

The film earned 2.3 billion yen during its initial run in Japan, and was the 19th highest-grossing film in Japan in 2016. It has received new life thanks to being submitted for Best Animated Picture for the 90th Academy Awards.