Act-Age Volume Pulled from Schedule Following Creator’s Arrest

The writer of the popular manga series, Act-Age, was arrested for "indecent acts" with an underage woman, and as a result, the upcoming thirteenth volume of the franchise which began in 2018 has been pulled from Weekly Shonen Jump's schedule. Originally set to be released later this year in October, the franchise was also set to receive both an anime adaptation and a live action stage play that are also in question as to whether or not they will ultimately be released. Needless to say, the future of Act-Age as a whole is definitely in trouble.

While the anime adaptation had never received an official confirmation or reveal given to fans, with the stage play seemingly just getting the ball rolling on adapting the story, though these two projects are seeming less likely to becoming a reality at this moment. With Tatsuya Matsuki arrested for the indecent acts with an underage woman, the future of Act-Age as a whole is most assuredly up in the air.

Weekly Shonen Jump shared the update that Volume 13 of Act-Age was stricken from the publication's schedule, originally set to be released on October 2nd, with no news regarding when or if the recent manga will return in light of the series' writer's arrest:

The official description for Act-Age reads as such:


"Ever since she was a child, Kei Yonagi has been attracted to the idea of acting, as she has always attentively watched how actions and emotions differ depending on the type of character portrayed. Now a teenager, she is broke, and is the only one able to financially support her young siblings. She starts auditioning for any role possible, without much success.

Her luck begins to change when Sumiji Kuroyama, a renowned director, sees Yonagi's performance and is amazed by her ability to immerse herself in the role—the so-called method acting. Although she is a diamond in the rough, if she keeps using the same technique over and over, it could lead to her being severely damaged. So, he makes the decision to help polish her, giving Yonagi the opportunity she needs. However, the road ahead of her is far from easy, and she will need to adapt to overcome the various challenges that come her way."