Adult Swim Nabs Long-Awaited Superman Show

Warner Bros Discovery has been experiencing some big changes in recent days, and many animation fans have been left wondering about the fate of many projects announced in the past. Luckily, fans of the Man of Steel can breathe a sigh of relief that Superman's return to the small screen is assured via a new press release. Hot on the heels of Unicorn: Warriors Eternal's first trailer and release date, Clark Kent and the cast of the Daily Planet have been confirmed to hit Adult Swim later this year via My Adventures With Superman

The Man of Tomorrow currently is featured in the CW's live-action series, Superman And Lois, which sees Clark Kent as a father of two boys, continuing his fight for justice while balancing his life as a father and husband. While the new animated series has yet to confirm if we'll be seeing other superheroes making appearances, we wouldn't put it past My Adventures With Superman to add some Justice League members into the fray such as Batman and/or Wonder Woman. 

My Adventures With Adult Swim

In a new press release, Adult Swim confirmed that the series, produced by Warner Bros Animation, will debut later in 2023 during "Adult Swim's late-night primetime hours" and will also have encores on Toonami later on. While no specific release date has been revealed, the confirmation that the series is still in development is a boon to DC Animated fans. Another major DC animated series has been confirmed to arrive on Amazon Video in Batman: The Caped Crusader, though this new series featuring the Dark Knight isn't confirmed for Adult Swim at present. 

In 2021, had the opportunity to speak with the voice actor who will be bringing this iteration of Clark Kent to life, Jack Quaid, who fans might know for his roles in both Amazon's The Boys and Paramount's Scream. Here's what he had to say when it came to taking on the role of the Man of Steel, "Back to what you were saying about tones, I love playing around with the different tones. This is what you always want as an actor is just to be able to play. The fact that I can exist in a world where superheroes are very dangerous. And then also start this thing coming up where I'm playing a character who's super altruistic. There's no sarcasm to him. He is just pure, you know what I mean? And the show is more or less a family show for all ages, so it's cool. I don't know. I really don't know what else to say besides, it's a gift. It's a gift to be able to play around in these different worlds. And not only that, play around with different versions of these worlds. Yeah. I feel very lucky."

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