Aggretsuko Director Comments On Season 3 Renewal

Aggretsuko cannot and will not be stopped. The adorable panda may be one of Sanrio's mascots, but she is no Hello Kitty. If you mess with the heroine, she won't hesitate to teach you better, and fans keep coming back for more. And as it turns out, the show's director feels much the same.

Recently, the director of Aggretsuko gave comment on the show's recently announced season three. As reported by Anime News Network, Rareko told fans he thought there was little else to say with Aggretsuko, but that is no stopping him from coming back to the anime.

Rareko told fans he "squeezed out" everything he could find in Aggretsuko within the shows first two seasons. With a third on the way, the director says he's not sure there is anything left to say, and he really isn't ready to return to work now that season three has been officially announced.

Still, Rareko says he is eager to get on with the season to find out what else can be said. The director went so far as to ask fans to look forward to season three, and he can be sure they will do as much. The Netflix original series has been a hit with fans all over the world, leaving Aggretsuko to become an icon to thousands of fans.

Rareko did not have any details to share about season three, so fans are not sure when it will debut or what it will focus on. The anime first debuted in April 2018 after Aggretsuko was introduced to the world in an April 2016 anime. Netflix ordered a second season which debuted this summer, so fans are hoping season three drops next summer at the latest.


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The first two seasons of Aggretsuko are streaming on Netflix now. Each episodes run for 15 minutes each with Rareko directing and writing the scripts for the series. As for Aggretsuko, she is an unassuming red panda who works in an office. She's 25 years old, and deals with the harsh mundanities of every day office life. As she deals with her office co-workers, she slowly builds up a rage meter until she can vent her frustrations with heavy metal karaoke on her off time.