Aggretsuko Season 4 Confirms Netflix Release Date With First Trailer

Netflix has confirmed the release date for Aggretsuko Season 4 with its very first trailer! The third season of the fan favorite Sanrio series made its debut last Summer, and was one of the biggest Netflix releases of that year as it continued the show's trend of shifting into a new kind of experience. The series has evolved in quite a number of ways since it first began, and Retsuko's complicated love life will seemingly be the focus of the next season much like it was before. This time it'll be through Haida's perspective, seemingly. 

Confirmed to be in the works last December, Netflix announced during their recent Netflix Japan 2021 presentation that Aggretsuko's fourth season will be making its debut on December 16th worldwide. To celebrate the new season's upcoming debut, Netflix has dropped the first trailer for the season that teases that Haida will be doing everything he can to change his friendship with Retsuko into a more romantic one. But there are going to be a number of hurdles standing in both of their ways, and you can check out the trailer below: 

Aggretsuko Season 4 will once again be directed by Rarecho with animated produced by Fanworks. Netflix officially teases the new season as such, "Frustrated with her thankless office job, Retsuko the Red Panda copes with her daily struggles by belting out death metal karaoke after work. After becoming an underground idol to pay off her debts, Retsuko decides to quit OTMGirls and enjoy living a happy, normal life… but just as the company she works for is facing big changes, her relationship with Haida finally begins to move."

The third season changed Retsuko and Haida's romantic lives in new ways, and the two of them ended up being drawn to one another as the season came to an end. The fourth season trailer teases how rocky it will be for the two of them going forward as Retsuko clearly only wants to be friends, and Haida's still dealing with everything he went through in the third season that continues to make him feel inferior. All the while, the office seems to be going through some dramatic changes. 

It's looking to be another heavy season, but what do you think of this first trailer for Aggretsuko's new season? What are you hoping to see when the new episodes premiere next month? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!