Crayon Shin-Chan Anime Spin-Off In Development At Amazon

Amazon Prime Video will begin streaming a new original animation series on Feb. 22. The series is spin off of the long running Crayon Shin-chan franchise, and an anime that already has a large fan base base. The series will be titled Crayon Shin Chan: Lone Wolf and Family, and is the third season of the Crayon Shin-chan series. It is a new 13-part series and is inspired by the Lone Wolf and Cub classic franchise.

Crayon Shin-chan was first released as a manga in Weekly Manga Action in 1990. The original series ended in 2009 due to the death of the author Yoshito Usui. An anime adaptation of the series began airing in 1992 and is still running. The series is follows the misadventures of Shinnosuke (Shin) Nohara and his family and friends. It is known for its crude and inappropriate content, and misuse of the Japanese language.

Lone Wolf and Cub is an infamous franchise first published back in 1970 and adapted ,any times and in many ways since then. It follows Ogami itto a warrior and master of the sword, and his quest with his one year old son as he seeks to avenge his murdered wife and family.

Amazon has recently made its production of original content a priority, especially with the Japanese market. There has been many new commissions of new series, such as the new Ultraman, as well as a Japanese spin off of the popular show The Bachelor.

Crayon Shin-chan: Lone Wolf will be released on Amazon Prime Video on February 22, 2017 in Japan.

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