Manga Plus Has a Way Bigger Impact on Anime Than We Thought

In the past few years, it has become easier to read manga than ever before. Once upon a time, readers were lucky to find volumes in print period due to licensing gaps, but now publishers are having a hard time meeting demands. Manga has become so popular that online catalogs have become a go-to for fans, and sites like Manga Plus allow readers to keep up to date with releases in Japan. And now, we have learned how vital these services are to green lighting anime series overall.The update came from Yuta Momiyama, an editor at Shueisha who oversees Manga Plus and Shonen Jump +. The creator hit up fans on his blog to talk about his behind-the-scenes work, and he revealed that Manga Plus rankings do impact the chances of a series getting an anime.

As reported by Anime News Network, Momiyama said Manga Plus gives some key data to Shueisha that it has more difficulty getting from its print magazines. As subscribers read and vote on the site, Shueisha's editorial department can collect data on who is reading what and where. These early data points are turned into reports for anime committees who are pitching to studios for adaptations. And given how big the international market plays into anime, Manga Plus' global reach provides the most accurate data to push a show's approval forward.

You might not have realized how much data goes into Manga Plus as a user, but the figures provided to Shueisha are critical. If you look at the site's top-performing series now, you will see current anime hits like One Piece, My Hero Academia, and Jujutsu Kaisen. But there are also newer titles that are set to get series now thanks to their rankings. Spy x Family is just one title, and others like i are well on their way. So if you wondered whether reading on Manga Plus did anything for the anime industry, well – now you know. 

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