New Aqua Teen Hunger Force Movie Sets Release Window

Adult Swim has set a release window for the new Aqua Teen Hunger Force movie! When the series was first cancelled, fans of the Adult Swim animated series were taken by surprise considering that it was one of the longest running original programs with the network. Fan demand for more of the series seemed to only amp up in response to the cancellation, and thankfully Adult Swim had announced that more from the franchise would be coming our way in the form of a new movie (alongside new movies for other fan favorite projects like The Venture Bros. and Metalocalypse).

Fans have been waiting for an update on the new movie's release since it was announced to be in the works earlier this year, and while there has yet to be anything concrete shown for the new project just yet it's now confirmed to be aiming for a release next year. During a special panel for Aqua Teen Hunger Force as part of the virtual Adult Swim Festival this year, the team behind the series revealed that the new movie is currently planned for a 2022 release but unfortunately had no other concrete details about it. 

(Photo: Adult Swim)

What was shown, however, was the new digital spinoff series also being developed for the franchise as well. This new spinoff series is titled AquaDonk Side Pieces, and while there's no real way to know what these new shorts will entail, these will also be launching next year as well. That means after a long time away, fans of the Aqua Teen Hunger Force franchise will have quite a lot to enjoy in the next year should everything release on schedule and without any major issue. 

There's no way to really predict what could be coming in new Aqua Teen Hunger Force material, let alone a new movie, but Adult Swim teases the new project as such, "A continuation of the hit animated series, fans will find out what happens next with Frylock, Meatwad and Master Shake, who consider themselves crime fighters, but the truth is they never fight crime. Aqua Teen Hunger Force is created by Matt Maiellaro and Dave Willis and follows the strange everyday lives of three human-sized food products living in New Jersey."

What do you think of Aqua Teen Hunger Force finally getting a new movie? What are you hoping to see with the franchise's return? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!