Rick and Morty Season 6 Confirms 2022 Premiere

That's right, Rick and Morty has confirmed Season 6 is on track for a release next year! It seems the era of waiting for a long time in between the releases for new seasons is truly over as it seemed with the release of Season 4. Not only did Season 5 of the series release a year after that (which is doubly impressive considering the COVID pandemic and the splitting of Season 4 into two parts), but steady updates of work on Season 6 and beyond had fans wondering if the long waits were really over. 

It seems they are as Rick and Morty had confirmed during the Adult Swim Festival this year that Season 6 is still on track for a release in 2022. Unfortunately there is no tighter release date or window for the Season 6 premiere just yet, but the confirmation that the series is indeed scheduled for next year is a huge one considering that the wait between early seasons was for multiple years. These tighter releases are definitely something fans will appreciate and rely on as the series continues. 

(Photo: Adult Swim)

As for what to expect with the sixth season of the Adult Swim animated series, it's harder to predict Rick and Morty's future than ever before. The final moments of the fifth season brought the season to an end by destroying the status quo and fabric of the series' multiverse. With the return of Evil Morty in the final episode, the series has not only established a whole new realm of threats but has also opened up a mysterious looking future for the series as there are multiple threads to explore for future episodes. 

That being said, the fifth season spent a lot of its time exploring episodic stories before focusing back on its main canon for the final three episodes. The sixth season could be doing the same, but we'll be seeing for sure soon. You can currently find the first four seasons of Rick and Morty now streaming on HBO Max, and there are also a few anime inspired shorts that fans of the series can appreciate as well that break down as such: 

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