AT&T Reportedly Looking to Sell Rooster Teeth

AT&T is reportedly looking to sell Rooster Teeth according to a new report. Back in 2018, AT&T [...]

AT&T is reportedly looking to sell Rooster Teeth according to a new report. Back in 2018, AT&T acquired Otter Media that included the likes of Crunchyroll, Rooster Teeth, and more media companies. But in the years since, AT&T has notably been narrowing down this acquisition by selling off its various pieces to other companies such as the notable acquisition of Crunchyroll by Sony (which is currently hitting a roadblock due to reviews by the federal government). Now it seems that AT&T is looking to sell Rooster Teeth's media company next.

According to a new report from Bloomberg, AT&T is currently seeking buyers for Rooster Teeth Productions LLC as part of an "ongoing winnowing of noncore assets." Noting that it's currently unclear how much AT&T is seeking to sell Rooster Teeth for (due to a number of shifts for Rooster Teeth in the past year), the report does mention how the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has complicated the efforts to sell the business.

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Rooster Teeth was one of the more notable media companies within the original Otter Media sale as it has carved out quite a niche with fans over the years with projects such as Red vs. Blue, original anime series such as RWBY (which recently rounded out the release of its eighth season), podcasts, fan conventions and more. There are also huge new projects coming its way such as a new season of gen:LOCK.

gen:LOCK's second season currently does not have a release date (and the nature of this sale report does not shed light on any of the in the works projects for the company), but it will be releasing on HBO Max for a certain period before releasing with the Rooster Teeth streaming service. The second season is currently described by Rooster Teeth as such:

"On a dying Earth in the midst of a now unstoppable climate collapse, two utterly distinct visions for the future of the human race have come to dominate: The Polity and the Union. The future of humanity, if it is to have one, rests in some form of mechanization or digitization. On opposing sides of this fundamental debate, the Polity and the Union remained locked in a brutal and unforgiving war…

A war the Polity is losing, despite the heroic efforts of their greatest soldiers, the Gen:Lock team – Chase, Cammie, Yaz, Kazu and Val, who continue to upload their minds to their Holon units and fight for their vision of a better future on the front lines. As we meet the figurehead of the Union — Brother Tate — and the citizens for whom he spills Polity blood, the nature of the conflict between the two sides will be seen in a whole new light. A light that, for Chase, will test his loyalty to the Polity… as he digs deeper into the nature of the war and realizes nothing he thought is what it seems…"

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