Gen:LOCK Season Two Announced for HBO Max

It looks like HBO Max is about to go all in on anime. In the same vein as Netflix and even Amazon Prime, HBO has its eyes on anime these days. Not long ago, reports confirmed the service struck a deal with Studio Ghibli to stream the company's films for the first time ever. Now, a new report is out, and it confirms Rooster Teeth is bringing its latest anime success to HBO Max rather soon.

The Hollywood Reporter confirmed Rooster Teeth has given the okay to season two of Gen:LOCK. The series will stream exclusively on HBO Max following the company's overall partnership with HBO Max which will put Rooster Teeth before a whole new audience.

According to the report, the series will have an exclusive window on HBO Max for 90 days. Once the window is gone, Rooster Teeth will host the new season for subscribers.

"We’re beyond excited to be producing a second season of gen:Lock for HBO Max,” Matt Hullum, co-founder and chief content officer at Rooster Teeth, said in a new statement.

“[HBO Max senior vp animation] Billy Wee and the team at HBO Max have been incredibly supportive in the development process, and we’re thrilled to be working closely with them on this project. We were blown away by the response to the first season of this show, both by the Rooster Teeth community and the Adult Swim audience, and cannot wait to bring it to more fans of action, sci-fi, and mecha animation.”

For fans, this move is an interesting one as HBO Max has some enviable anime under its belt. Studio Ghibli was a huge addition to the brand, and Gen:LOCK proves the streaming service is willing to bring in more titles to its catalog. So if you are ready for see this show's second season, you will need to have a HBO Max to keep up with Gen:LOCK or a friend who is generous with their login details.


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Currently, Gen:LOCK can be bought on Apple iTunes. The series stars Michael B. Jordan, Dakota Fanning, Maisie Williams, David Tennant, Koichi Yamadera, Monica Rial, and more. You can read its official synopsis here: "In gen:LOCK, Earth’s last free society is on the losing side of a global war, and recruits a diverse team of young pilots to control the next generation of mecha—giant, weaponized robot bodies. These daring recruits will find, however, that their newfound abilities come at no small cost. As Chase leaves behind his life as a fighter pilot to become the first candidate for the program, he finds his endurance, as well as his very identity, will be tested beyond anything he ever imagined."