'Attack on Titan' Reveals How Ruthless Eren Has Become

Attack on Titan knows how the game goes when characters go off the deep end. Over the years, the [...]

Attack on Titan knows how the game goes when characters go off the deep end. Over the years, the critically beloved title has pitched its leads to the brink, and several of them have shown how ruthless they can be. Still, Eren Jaeger has avoided that kind of turnaround, but his holdout couldn't last. The latest chapter of Attack on Titan solidifies how far Eren will go to win a fight.

So, obviously — spoilers below!

This week, Attack on Titan will release its latest chapter, and the update has already made its way online. Fans were quick to suss out chapter 104 when it went live, but no one expected for Eren to be as brutal as he was.

The chapter follows Eren and the Survey Corps as they continue their fight against Marley. With the country's military scrambled, Eren is determined to take down one or more of the Marleyean Titans, but they are harder to kill than he expected. However, that doesn't keep him from finding a way to obliterate the War Hammer Titan.

The end of the chapter sees Eren fight the Jaw Titan, and the latter tries to rescue the War Hammer's host from the Paradis soldier. The Jaw Titan gets a good bite on Eren, but he scratches the crystalized prison the War Hammer host has sealed herself in. Eren notices the damage done, giving him a terribly dangerous idea. In a moment of adrenaline, Eren forces the Jaw Titan to the ground and pries open his powerful jaws. He stuffs the War Hammer's host in-between its teeth, and — well — you can guess what happens from there.

The horrifying moment sees Eren use an enemy's power against them to take out an enemy. The move forced the Jaw Titan to kill his comrade, and the War Hammer's host could do nothing to stop it. Not only was the power move a traumatizing one for the Jaw Titan, but it also allowed Eren to consume the tissue needed to inherit the War Hammer Titan's power for himself. So, Eren did come out of the tense battle stronger for his efforts, but Attack on Titan fans are having a hard time swallowing his ruthless tactic.

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