Attack on Titan and Anime Have Lit a Viral Debate in Brazil

When it comes to anime, some series are more controversial than others. Most of the time, these red-flag series don't make it to the prime-time, but even the most popular shows can stir up debates. And now, anime has been swooped into a controversy in Brazil that just won't quit.

So, how did this happen? Well, you can piece together the events from Twitter if you aren't living in Brazil. The whole thing cropped up this past Sunday when the series Domingo Espetacular went live. The special series, which only goes live on Sunday, has roots in the Catholic Church and examines pop culture through a religious lens. So when the topic of anime came up, well - things did not go great.

As you can see above, screenshots from the episode called out some of anime's top series. From Attack on Titan to Death Note and Tokyo Ghoul, no series was safe. The Sunday episode labeled the program 'The Dangers of Teen TV Series'. And as the show went on, series like Death Note began trending in Brazil.

The show put in hard work to demonize anime, and Domingo Espetacular did pick some problematic series to rail against. Death Note has been banned in several countries like Russia for its dark themes. Tokyo Ghoul has plenty of violence woven into its plot, and Attack on Titan dabbles with gore and politics the whole way through. Naturally, some people might be offended by this content, and religious sects tend to take up the argument. This is no different in Brazil, but local fans weren't going to take the roast lying down. By taking the debate online, Brazilian fans stood up for their love of anime, and Domingo Espectacular's tirade was shot down by netizens who know the medium best.

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