Attack on Titan: Eren's Post-Timeskip Design Surfaces Online

Attack on Titan is the talk of the anime fandom right now and for good reason. This month welcomed [...]

Attack on Titan is the talk of the anime fandom right now and for good reason. This month welcomed the series back to television, and the premiere of its fourth and final season was a hit. Now, the show is preparing to unload its next few episodes ahead of the new year, and it seems Internet sleuths have found something very interesting regarding Eren Yeager.

In the anime so far, Attack on Titan fans have been kept abreast of Marley's soldiers, but little has been done with the warriors in Paradis. Fans have not been visited by Eren, Mikasa, Armin, or anyone who they are used to seeing. While characters have been shown from afar, netizens are wondering how characters like Eren will look in this post-timeskip arc, and it seems fans have discovered a key visual for Eren.

The official website for Attack on Titan debuted two new character designs this week courtesy of Porco and Pieck. It was there fans began sleuthing around the site, and it was there one netizen seems to have found a valid URL linking to the design of Eren in season four. You can check out the look above, and it shows a very different take on the hero.

Eren looks much older in this shot, and that does make sense given the timeskip between seasons three and four. The hero appears to be in disguise as an Eldian in Marley given his armband and clothes. Eren's hair has grown out plenty here, and he even has some facial hair. Combined with his beige top and cane, Eren looks like a foot soldier who came back from a war worse for wear. In many was, that is actually true given the trauma that Eren has experienced fighting against Titans, and Attack on Titan fans admit this new design shows the character's brokenness more so than any other.

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