Attack on Titan Staffer Addresses Anti-Fans and Their Harassment in New Statement

Attack on Titan is a few episodes into its fifth season, and the show's final hurrah has been a [...]

Attack on Titan is a few episodes into its fifth season, and the show's final hurrah has been a treat so far. Despite a new studio taking over the anime, Attack on Titan feels as fresh as ever under its new direction. Still, there will always be those unsatisfied with the change, and a group of anti-fans have made it their mission to harass the Attack on Titan staff each week when new episodes go live. And now, one staffer has released a statement slamming the immature ploy.

Over on Twitter, the fan-page Spytrue shared a translation of the anonymous message sent to netizens. It was there the nameless staffer balked at the anti-fans harassing the team given how ridiculous the production schedule for Attack on Titan is on its own.

"All the staff working on this season [has] been pouring their sweat, blood, and tears into making this show look as good as it can be in an insanely short amount of time - a time [period] that's even shorter than normal," the comment reads.

"You are free to have your own opinion on the show. However, constantly bothering and harassing the staff is unacceptable. Having the courtesy to at least respect the insane effort being put in the show would be appreciated. Let's be mature."

Clearly, the staffer isn't having it with anti-fans anymore. The past two weeks have ended in unrest as Attack on Titan anti-fans harassed directors and animators alike on Twitter. Nowadays, the fanbase at large is rallying against the ungrateful critics for their absurd harassment. And now, it seems the team at Studio MAPPA is done being trampled on.

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