Attack on Titan Season 4 Shows Sasha in a Dark New Light

Attack on Titan shed a dark new light on Sasha Blouse with the newest episode of the fourth and final season. Attack on Titan's final season had spent the first few episodes of its run introducing fans to new faces on the other side of the ocean, and the newest episode of the series kicked things into high gear as Eren used his Titan transformation right in the middle of Marley and took the first move in the coming final battle between the two sides. With the newest episode, the Survey Corps actually made their way to the enemy territory as well.

But for what should have felt like a heroic return for the fan favorite characters of the previous three seasons instead had a dark cloud hanging over head as they were undoubtedly the aggressors this time around. This was especially true for Sasha, as the episode shows Sasha in a dark new way as she shoots someone in the head.

Attack on Titan Season 4 Sasha
(Photo: MAPPA)

Episode 65 of the series finally sees the return of Sasha, Connie, Mikasa, Levi and more as they and Eren follow through with their first attack on Marley soil. But because we've seen so much of the other perspective this time around, the Survey Corps don't completely look like they are on the right side of the fight just as they did in the first three seasons. Complicating things further is those caught in the crossfire.

The episode sees Gabi, a character who we have come to know in the first few episodes as someone with a childlike naivete toward the war, witness as the Survey Corps and the Marleyan forces fight and someone is shot right in front of her. It's revealed that Sasha is the one that pulled the trigger, and although she has an appropriately cold face during such a thing, Gabi is enraged to see this happen as this enemy killed one of her people.

It's a complete flip of the battles we saw from the other point of view, and complicates things for this final war in the series. Now that it's clearly humans vs. humans, these clashing ideologies will only continue to paint both sides in a darker light than we might be used to. But what did you think of this Sasha and Gabi moment in Attack on Titan's newest episode? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!