Attack on Titan Rumor Suggests Season 4 Is in Trouble

Attack on Titan is set to debut its fourth season next month, and fans from around the world are [...]

Attack on Titan is set to debut its fourth season next month, and fans from around the world are eager to check it out. After all, this comeback will mark the show's last as Attack on Titan will close with this season. With so much on the line, you can understand why the anime's staff might be stressed right now, but a new rumor suggests there are bigger issues behind Attack on Titan than most realize.

The rumor began where so many do, and that is on 4Chan. The post in question piqued mild interest from fans, but many were quick to dismiss it until several well-known anime influencers began to touch on the topic. Users like Spytrue and AnimeAjay have addressed the issue several times this week after the latter said they've heard concerning information from the show's staff itself.

Attack On Titan Mikasa Season Four
(Photo: Studio MAPPA)

The rumor suggests Attack on Titan's new studio was unprepared for the sheer demand that comes with the anime. When WIT Studio was looking to unload the show on another party, many studios are said to have turned the offer down. The only studio that was up to the challenge was MAPPA. But with a tight deadline over the staff, Attack on Titan has been a struggle behind-the-scenes as the studio is also juggling other shows like Jujutsu Kaisen.

No official word has come from MAPPA about any issues regarding Attack on Titan, but uncertainty has risen amongst fans as of late. In particular, the fandom has been vocal about its desire for a new trailer. Attack on Titan is a month out at this point, and fans are curious why official media for the season is few and far between. A backed-up production schedule could explain that, but for now, all fans have to support that theory are rumors. The real test will come when Attack on Titan goes live and fans are given a look at its animation at work.

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