Attack On Titan Announces New Animation Studio For Final Season

With the big reveal of the anime trailer for the fourth and final season of Attack On Titan having dropped, many fans are feeling that it is bitter sweet with the announcement that Wit Studio will not be concluding their run on the series, but rather, the upcoming story will be created by Studio MAPPA. Wit Studio has been the primary studio working on Attack On Titan since the series began so to see them not finish their work might be seen as heart breaking to some, but Studio MAPPA, from what we see from the trailer, is doing their best to live up to Wit's work!

Wit Studio hasn't only been responsible for Attack On Titan, having done work on the viking series known as Vinland Saga, as well as the upcoming series Great Pretender that is looking to release later this year. Their animation has long been thought of as the best choice for the heart wrenching series, doing a great job of blending heavy emotions and fast paced battle scenes throughout the story of Eren Jaeger and his friends within the Survey Corps.

MAPPA has a number of anime series to its name, having put together series such as Hajime No Ippo, Inuyashiki, and Dorohedoro as well as working on the upcoming adaptations for the God of High School and Jujutsu Kaisen. With the release of this new trailer for the final season, it's clear that while the animation style might be a little different from what we've seen before from Wit Studio, MAPPA is definitely giving this series their all as it's clear that the animation is fluid and capturing the emotion that has become a trademark of the Attack On Titan series!

The fourth season is looking to tell the final conflict between the people of Marley and Eldia, with Eren and his friends within the Survey Corps finally bringing the war to their tormentors after so long. Season Three ended with Eren and company discovering the many secrets as to why the conflict between the two nations began and why Marley was far more technologically advanced than they were. As fans of the manga know, the events of season four will make the line between "black and white" that much murkier while giving us new heroes and villains to follow.

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