Attack on Titan Season 4 Interview Explains Why the Anime Changed Studios

Attack on Titan is one of the most popular anime out there, and its tenure under WIT Studios is [...]

Attack on Titan is one of the most popular anime out there, and its tenure under WIT Studios is nothing but impressive. The show helped revive anime with audiences in the West, and millions are invested in Eren's story these days. That is why the debut of season four is so anticipated as fans are ready to see the show's final season come to life. And thanks to a new interview, we have learned how MAPPA Studios took control of Attack on Titan following WIT's exit.

For those out of the loop, Attack on Titan has been produced by WIT since it began with season one. The studio was raved about from day one given its impressive artwork. This praise continued through seasons one and two as well as three. However, in the face of season four, WIT decided to tell the show's crew to find another studio to round out Attack on Titan.

Ultimately, the job went to MAPPA as the studio was the only one to even consider the job. Attack on Titan has a reputation within the industry, and it isn't necessarily a flattering one. The show is known for being as hellish behind the scenes as it is on screen. The time crunchy put on the show's animators is pretty insane, but MAPPA was up for the job.

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During the recent Newtype interview, Kensuke Tateishi said WIT Studio agreed to pass the torch during the production of season three. "The story had reached a critical juncture, and as creators, we wanted to step things up even more than we had until now. We wanted to find a new studio, but most of them were no good," he said.

"Many of them said they just couldn't take the workload," Tateishi continued. "Only one studio said, 'We'll think about it' and that was MAPPA. The people at WIT also felt comfortable with MAPPA taking over."

The swap went through in the end as MAPPA has overseen season four so far. While fans will miss WIT, they are curious to see what this wee studio can bring to Attack on Titan. Season four is slated to debut this December, so netizens will not have to wait long before checking out the anime's final season premiere.

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