Attack on Titan Season 4 Introduces a New Group of Warrior Candidates

It should come as no surprise, but Attack on Titan season four has already drummed up the anime [...]

It should come as no surprise, but Attack on Titan season four has already drummed up the anime fandom. Netizens have been waiting for the show to return to the small screen, and its big comeback did not let fans down. In fact, the debut of season four gave fans a look at Marley's power, and it seems the nation has found a new group of kids who hope to become Titans one day.

The premiere went live this week with a focus on Reiner and the Titans from outside of Paradis. Fans were given a look at the Warrior group as they made a final stand against the Mid-East Allied Forces, a group who has warred with Marley for years. In this final battle, the group brings five different candidates to assist on the frontlines, and that is how fans met the next generation of Titan inheritors.

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(Photo: MAPPA)

Falco Grice and Colt Grice are two fighters fans meet, and the brothers are slated to inherit Titans shortly. Colt is meant to carry the Beast Titan once Zeke dies, and Falco is aiming to take on the Armored Titan. He faces direct competition from Gabi Braun as Reiner's cousin is also a candidate who hopes to wield the Armored Titan.

The final two warriors introduced are Udo and Zofia. The two are also aiming to inherit the Armored Titan, but there are others in Marley's possession needing candidates. After all, the country still commands the Cart Titan and Jaw Titan. And if Annie should ever wake up, she would bring the Female Titan back to the troop. This big premiere shows how capable all of these candidates are despite their age, but since Attack on Titan is known for its bleak nature, it seems unlikely all of these recruits will make it out of the series alive.

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