Attack on Titan Season 4 Reveals the Wildest Titan Attack Ever

Attack on Titan made good on a promise to fans this week with the big debut of season four. It has [...]

Attack on Titan made good on a promise to fans this week with the big debut of season four. It has been a wild ride to get to this point, but MAPPA did not disappoint fans with its premiere. Of course, fans are doing their best to catch up with the series to check out this premiere, and they will want to make haste after hearing about the insane attack launched in season four.

If you have checked out the first episode of the season, you will know it focuses on something very removed from Eren's camp. The Attack on Titan premiere puts a focus on the Marley forces as the country continues its war with the Mid-East Allied Forces. The war between the pair has endured for years, but it reaches a climax in this premiere. After all, it is hard not to see defeat coming when the Beast Titan launches a horrifying attack at you.

attack on titan
(Photo: MAPPA)

The maneuver in question is called the Kinetic Bombardment according to Reiner. The name sounds fancy, but the move itself is far more brutal than the name would suggest. After all, it involves Zeke taking to the sky in a plane with a bunch of outcasts. The group flies above the enemy's camp after their defensive weapons are compromised, and that is when Zeke strikes. Using the Beast Titan's power, Zeke lets out a scream that turns all those in the plane into regular Titans, and they are then unceremoniously ejected from the plane. The surviving Titans are left to land in enemy territory with an insatiable desire to eat, and Zeke finishes up the strategy by finally transforming himself.

Clearly, Marley has put together a lot of Titan battle tactics, and this is one that the Beast Titan is uniquely suited for. It is barbaric in the worst way, but that is how Attack on Titan rolls. And if you weren't sure about it - well, this final season is only going to get more deadly from here on out.

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