Attack on Titan Reveals Promo for Season 4, Episode 2

Attack on Titan has revealed a promo for the final season's second episode! After much [...]

Attack on Titan has revealed a promo for the final season's second episode! After much anticipation from fans around the world (even going as far as temporarily causing issues for Crunchyroll, Funimation, and Hulu as fans rushed to check out the premiere), the final season of Attack on Titan has finally made its debut. According to fans' reactions for the premiere, Attack on Titan's fourth and final season thankfully held strong to the high standards fans had set. Now it's just a matter of seeing whether or not this hot streak can continue with the next episode of the anime series.

This success certainly was eye-opening considering how the first episode of the final season introduced a huge new batch of characters as fans were taken to the region of Marley, which was revealed to be one of the sources of the Titan power at the end of the last season. It seems that with the preview for the next episode the anime will be focusing on Marley's soldiers once more.

The second episode of Attack on Titan's fourth and final season is titled "Midnight Train," and the preview for 61st episode of the anime overall teases another focus on the forces in Marley as they celebrate their major victory in a war that has apparently lasted for four years according to the characters we were introduced to in the premiere. But while they have dominated with their Titan power, the other nations have started to develop ways to combat them.

But regardless of the tease of greater war machines and weapons, the soldiers of Marley seem intent on celebrating their victory as they venture on the titular "midnight train" toward their next generation. Before the series gets into an even bigger war with the fan favorites from the previous seasons, it seems the anime will be taking its time to explore what makes these new characters tick as they fight for what they believe in as well.

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