Attack on Titan Shares Big Series Finale Update

Attack on Titan's anime series finale has completed a major benchmark in the last episode's creation.

Attack on Titan's series finale is set to arrive at some point this fall. So far, Studio MAPPA has been tight-lipped when it comes to when we can expect the final battle featuring the Scout Regiment and Eren Jaeger to arrive, but it will be a brawl for the anime record books. Luckily, work is continuing on the last installment of the series and a major new update has arrived as to where MAPPA is in the process of bringing Attack on Titan to a close.

When last we left the Survey Corps in the previous anime installment, Eren had unfortunately made some serious headway in his plans of eliminating most of the world's population. Unleashing the Rumbling on the world, aka an army of Colossal Titans that couldn't be stopped, a good portion of the world's population died horrific deaths as a result. Thanks to Hange's sacrifice, the likes of Armin, Mikasa, Levi, Reiner, and Annie have been able to hop aboard a plane and make their way to Eren as the final stand for the world's future begins. Even with the Scout Regiment now facing down Eren in a final push against his plans, defeating him is going to be a different story altogether.

Finale on Titan

According to a new update from sound directors working on the MAPPA project, post-recording work has come to an end. This makes for a major step in terms of hitting the fall release window for Attack on Titan's series finale, which will mark one of the biggest battles of the show to date. Based on the series' history, fans should prepare themselves for some serious bloodshed and the fact that not every character is making it out of the show alive.

The manga by creator Hajime Isayama ended a few years ago, and the mangaka has been quite adamant that he isn't planning on creating a sequel to Attack on Titan. While Isayama has stated that he might return to the world to explore a new side story of Captain Levi's past, a new Attack on Titan series doesn't seem in the cards, at least not any time soon.

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