Attack on Titan Announces Release Date for Chapter 130

Attack on Titan has become an important part of the manga industry, and its anime is not one to be [...]

Attack on Titan has become an important part of the manga industry, and its anime is not one to be trifled with. Later this year, the show will head back to television to kick off its final season, but the manga should end well before then. Creator Hajime Isayama has said numerous times that he intends to wrap up the manga shortly, and a new announcement was made about when the manga's next chapter will be released.

The release date for Attack on Titan chapter 130 was shared in the most recent chapter of Monthly Shonen Magazine. The once-a-month issue went live today with the series' latest chapter, and it confirmed the next will go live on July 9. So if you are eager to check out chapter 130, you can mark the date on your calendar.

Of course, that is if we're assuming no delays happen. Attack on Titan had to take its first-ever hiatus last month when Kodansha Comics pulled the plug on its next issue of Monthly Shonen Magazine. The publication was put on pause due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Japan was in the midst of its own State of Emergency at the time which meant heavy restrictions were put on work.


But now that the strict rules are beginning to relax, Attack on Titan is ready to find its new normal. This is good as Isayama hasn't been shy about his desire to finish the manga this year. In fact, he took part in an interview recently where he doubled down on his decision to end Attack on Titan shortly.

Isayama told fans his manga is already 95% finished, so there is not much content left to cover. If you do the math, there are less than ten chapters left of Attack on Titan if its creator's estimates are right. And after the events of chapter 129, readers are fairly certain this next issue is going to be one for the history books.

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