Attack on Titan Finale Breaks Out a Staggering Death Count

Attack on Titan is used to tallying up body counts, and fans have come to expect the worst when it comes to this lists. Over the last decade, the manga has killed off tons of heroes, and its final arc took things up a notch. Now, the manga's finale has gone live to the trepidation of many, and chapter 139 has the highest body count of the series to date.

If you are caught up with Attack on Titan, then you will know what revelation we're talking about. In chapter 139, Eren and Armin are able to share a final talk before they go their separate ways. It is there Armin learns the true extent of the Rumbling, and Eren admits his plans for global genocide nearly came true.

attack on titan

"The Rumbling will kill eighty percent of humanity," Eren admitted.

This total is a shocking one, and Armin is clearly distraught by the detail. It is hard to imagine that kind of death, and it is wild to know Eren orchestrated it. The once beloved hero has become a tyrant willing to kill millions, and he did so before Mikasa could kill her childhood friend.

Of course, our heroes are able to stop the Rumbling, and Eren's death by Mikasa ushers in a new era for the Eldians. The Titan Curse is gone, and humanity is left to pick up the pieces. Only 20% of the world remains in tact, and Paradis houses many of the survivors as the island was left untouched. With Marley in ruins, Armin must fulfill his destiny of saving humanity, and he must do so to right the wrongs of his best friend.


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