Attack on Titan Creator Says Series Has '5 Percent' of Story Left

Attack on Titan has been fiercely running through its final arc with every new chapter of the [...]

Attack on Titan has been fiercely running through its final arc with every new chapter of the series, and it seems like the end is coming soon as series creator Hajima Isayama teases there's only "five percent" of story left to tell. The final arc of the series has been running for over well over a year now, and each new chapter has been more intense than the last as Isayama continues to lay the groundwork for the final battle for humanity. But it seems like that final battle is coming up faster than anyone would have guessed.

As noted by @KenXyro and many other fans in Japan on Twitter, Attack on Titan series creator Hajime Isayama recently noted in a special interview that he estimates that "only about five percent]" of the story is left before the series comes to its conclusion. @KenXyro estimated this means there are about 6-7 chapters left, but that's only if Isayama is being literal here.

At the same time, 6-8 chapters seems like enough to take care of the finale. Not only will it end the series by early 2021, but there's honestly not a lot of work left to do for the final battle outside of actually kicking it into action. The players have been set, the final villain of the series has made their mark, and the world really hangs in the balance.

As the manga comes to an end and the finale prepares to bring it to life with one final season, the only question remains is how the series will actually end. Will we have a happy ending? Is that even possible for such a bleak series like this one? What would make for a satisfying conclusion? What do you think about all of this?

Are you all up to date with Attack on Titan's manga? Does Hajime Isayama's estimate make sense for how far it's come in the last few months? How do you think it will all come to an end? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!