Attack on Titan Shows How Overprotective Armin Has Become

Attack on Titan may have suffered a delay this week, but the show promises to comeback this [...]

Attack on Titan may have suffered a delay this week, but the show promises to comeback this weekend with a double feature. A breaking news bulletin forced episode 73 off the air during its slot in Japan, but much of the release did go live. If you kept up with the episode live as it aired overseas, you will know some crazy things went down in the update, and one of them focuses on Armin's growing backbone.

In fact, it seems the blond hero is more confident in himself than ever before. Despite being given the Colossal Titan to defy death, Armin is beginning to come to terms with his strength and responsibilities. It turns out Mikasa is one of the boy's top concerns nowadays, and he made that clear in episode 73 when he walloped Eren right in the face.

The whole thing went down after Eren sat with Eren and Armin following his cult's coup. The Yeagerists are doing their best to take over Paradis so they can start their own war without limits. As you can imagine, Mikasa and Eren are not onboard with Eren after he says he attacked Marley with no concern of anyone else. And when Eren goes on to tell Mikasa he has always hated her, Armin sees red.

All the boy needed was a look at Mikasa's crumbling expression to go off. Armin clears Eren to the floor with a few punches, and he makes it clear that Eren has lost his mind. The Yeagerist leader fights back until Armin is bloodied, but the damage has been done. Even if Eren was lying, the hero has forfeited the relationship he once had with his best friends, and Armin is the next in line to become the hero that humanity so desperately needs.

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