Attack On Titan Explains How Paradis Was Created

The latest episode of Attack On Titan ended with Eren Jaeger unleashing the full power of the [...]

The latest episode of Attack On Titan ended with Eren Jaeger unleashing the full power of the Attack Titan in order to unleash the salvo against the nation of Marley, kicking off the long-awaited "retribution" of the Survey Corps against the country that has caused them such hardships, while also diving into the origins of the island that held them in Paradis. With the head of the Wybur family revealing the secrets behind the "Great Titan War" that took place over one hundred years ago, we have learned more about how Paradis came to be as the "Declaration of War" is made!

The Wybur family is one of the most important within the country of Marley, pulling the strings of the military and the day to day operations of the nation behind the scenes, with the clan also holding the power of the War Hammer Titan, though we have yet to decipher which member is a secret Titan. Willy himself has revealed the origins of his family in a bid to make peace with the rest of the world while also giving them a common enemy not just with the Eldians that currently live on the island of Paradis, but also by focusing anger and hatred on the current wielder of the Founding Titan's power in Eren Jaeger!

Attack On Titan Paradis
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One of the biggest draws of Attack On Titan, when it began, was the torrent of mysteries that surrounded the people within the walls, and though those questions have mostly been answered, the reveal of how Paradis was created by King Fritz coming to terms with the Tybur definitely turned a lot of heads. Paradis was formed not only to stop the Titans from destroying the world but also to save the Eldian people who followed the King who had the power of the Founding Titan at his disposal.

Fritz took the memories of his people of the time before in order to make sure that they didn't try to get revenge against Marley, but of course, this all changed when Bertholdt and Reiner decided to take down the walls in the first episode of the anime, setting events into motion that led us to where we are today!

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