How Neon Genesis Evangelion Leads The Way For Attack on Titan’s Future

Attack On Titan is setting the stage for its final chapter, with Hajime Isayama's dark epic ending [...]

Attack On Titan is setting the stage for its final chapter, with Hajime Isayama's dark epic ending early next month, and it's doubtful that we'll be seeing a sequel to the tale of the Survey Corps, but we can see a path for the franchise to continue via the thought-provoking anime of Neon Genesis Evangelion. With the latest film in the Rebuild of Evangelion series having arrived in theaters in Japan with Thrice Upon A Time, the latest chapter of NERV is coming to a close but is leaving a fair blueprint for Attack On Titan to follow.

To start, the penultimate chapter of Attack On Titan proves that the Survey Corps won't be receiving a happy ending when the story comes to a close, but it is also pointing to the idea that a sequel to the manga seems somewhat impossible. However, Evangelion has shown how an anime franchise can continue to march forward without necessarily continuing the stories of the characters in new interpretations, with the Rebuild storyline taking the original story of Neon Genesis and changing it for a new audience. While not necessarily a sequel, it manages to give fans a new take on an old story, which Attack On Titan could do in the future of the franchise.

Attack On Titan Evangelion
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The fourth season of Attack On Titan is about to come to a close, but the limited amount of episodes are having fans wonder just how the story of the Survey Corps will end. With the recent success of Demon Slayer: Mugen Train in Japan, many are thinking that the finale of Hajime Isayama's series might wrap with a feature-length film of its own, though there has been no confirmation of this one way or the other. Regardless, the cerebral war story is sure to have fans talking when it comes to a close next month with its manga published by Kodansha.

Evangelion has become a classic anime series that has been talked about for years following its conclusion, with new movies and stories being created that aren't quite sequels but give fans of the franchise new opportunities to revisit its world. Attack On Titan could follow a much similar route while bringing the story of the Survey Corps to a definitive close, as the war between Marley and Eldia comes to an end.

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