Attack On Titan Staff Celebrates Latest Episode with Special Sketch

Attack On Titan is telling some of the most brutal stories over the course of its final season, with the latest episode introducing fans to new grotesque moments, and the creative minds behind the series have shared a new mind-bending sketch to celebrate the new installment. With Eren and Zeke finding themselves in a surprising new locale in the final moments of this episode, viewers had to say goodbye to one major character while another receives a wound that has us thinking death is around the corner. 

In episode 78 of the series, we see Eren attempting to make contact with his brother, in order to enact the plan known as the "Euthanasia Plan," which would use the power of the Founding Titan to sterilize all the members of the Eldian Race. Little did Zeke know, however, Eren had other ideas in mind but was unfortunately stopped from making contact intact by Gabi, who separates Eren's head from his shoulders using a gun much larger than she is. Zeke manages to make contact with Eren's spinning head, sending the two brothers into the real where Ymir resides, the one that started the ball rolling on the power of the Titans so many years ago.

The Official Twitter Account for Attack On Titan's anime shared this new sketch from the director of the final season, Teruyuki Omine, that captures some of the intense emotions of the episode titled "Brother And Brother" and the struggle that both the Eldians and Marleyians are currently dealing with: 

There are only a few episodes left before this latest batch of episodes for Attack On Titan's final season comes to a close, leaving many fans wondering if the television series will be able to tell the entirety of the story in these final episodes, or if Studio MAPPA has a movie in the works to cap off the battle between the nation of Marley and the denizens of Paradis. With MAPPA previously giving Jujutsu Kaisen its first movie, which is set to hit the West this March, the animation studio certainly has the chops to create a movie to wrap the Scout Regiment's story. 

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